For over 20 years, I’ve been providing visual direction for design shops and independent companies around metro ATL. I consider myself a tactile, multi-disciplined artist delving in print, illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, and paper engineering. In my spare time I document “Little Creature in Their Natural Habitat” on Instagram @eat_breathe_draw and

I have the privilege of working with companies such as AT&T, Alimera Sciences, Arthritis Foundation Magazine, Equifax, Emory, GE Capital, Kathy Ireland Worldwide, Mississippi State University, Mohawk Industries, Spelman College, Steston University, Urban Outfitters and WebMD.

I am proficient in ID, AI and PSD and can begrudgingly work in Powerpoint if pressed. Also, I have a reputation of playing well with others.

Please contact me if you think we would work well together or you need more info.

elizabeth at